Transform a Soil Analysis into a Nutrient Management Plan
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How it Works

The Prescription Soil Solutions SoilWIZARD utilizes a collection of three data elements: soil test results, plant type, and size of the cultivated area to provide your homeowner with a customized, Multi-Season Nutrient Management Plan.

You are given the tools to understand exactly what nutrients to apply and in amounts that will enable the customer to achieve results that makes your company #1.

Your customer will also be given the peace-of-mind knowing the nutrients you recommend can be applied in a responsible and earth-friendly manner.

A Complete Set of Tools

The Prescription Soil Solutions SoilWIZARD and its associated User Interface (UI) are a Cloud-based Nutrient Management Service engineered to provide you and your customers with scientifically derived soil analyses and a customized Multi-Season Nutrient and Amendment Program.

The SoilWIZARD also provides your Staff with a Support & Administrative Dashboard designed to facilitate data input and on-line editing. The Dashboard includes three User Interfaces (UIs) engineered to facilitate the input of product information, a method to reorder test kits and an inventory control and tracking module designed to help in the management of your soil testing business.

  • Business UI – Used to record unique company specific data, address, contact information, those authorized to access the system, etc.
  • Product ID UI: – A user friendly means of loading/editing product descriptions, images and specification data.
  • Recommendation UI: – Mechanism to record conditional parameters programmed to calculate the amount of product required to achieve optimal Parts Per Million (PPM) element levels applied by season, plant type and cultivated area.
  • Administration Tools – The Dashboard provides you and your staff with tools necessary to track each kit through the analysis process as well as supplying a repository of completed tests and recommendations facilitating their retrieval for use in following seasons.

4-Seasons of Success

Our SoilWIZARD exclusively presents all the nutrient and amendment products necessary to both remediate the soil and to then maintain your customer’s lawn, garden or landscape. And not just in the season of initial purchase but throughout the entire year.

The repository of customers who have done tests in the past can be used to send timely and appreciated reminders that will afford you an opportunity to consultatively sell and clearly differentiate your business from the competition.

Developed by Expert Agronomists

Our recommendation is backed by trusted soil science

An Easy-to-Use System

Our Recommendation Engine offers intuitive user interfaces that will make your staff the experts