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We suspect you’ve returned to the website having gotten an email letting you know that the results of your soil analysis are ready for review.

All that’s needed at this point is to enter the soilKIT ID number which was on the Instruction Card sent in the original soilKit envelope.

Enter the soilKIT ID number in the space below.  As soon as you do the system will display an easy to understand color report developed by the soil scientists at Stewardship Labs.

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Also Please Notice

At the top of the page just above the Soil Analysis Report you’ll be asked to enter three pieces of information:

  • Plant Type (Just click and you’ll be prompted for the reply that’s needed)
  • Size of the Area you plan on planting/sowing (estimate or use the Amazing Square Foot Tool.)
  • Whether you’d prefer the Application Guide to display only Organic or Conventional products.

Why Do We Ask For This Information?

So we can provide a year-long, season-by-season fertilizer and amendment application guide customized to the set of conditions found in your lawn, garden or landscape beds.


At long last…. We’ve taken all the guesswork out about what, how much and when to apply nutrients and amendments to your lawn, garden and landscape.

And if you don’t know the size of your yard or garden and don’t want to guess then give the Amazing Measuring Tool a try to determine how much ground you’ll need to cover with the recommended nutrients and amendments.

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