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Gone are the days of waiting weeks to receive a soil analysis from a university extension office.  Test results that are loaded with jargon and instructions difficult for all but a trained soil scientist to understand.

Prescription Soil Solutions provides you and your customers with an easy-to-understand report  ready in 36 hours from receipt of the sample at our Lab. Most importantly, we equip both your staff and the DIY Homeowner with the knowledge needed to apply the correct nutrients, in the correct amounts, doing so supported by science!

What we Test For:

We test for the following nutrients and properties showing those components that may fall below an optimal level necessary to achieve the best possible growing conditions for the chosen plant type:


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* NOTE: We don’t test for Nitrogen and it is not reported in our results due to its volatility. In other words, the amount of nitrogen today may very well be different within hours of measurement. Any lab that makes recommendations on nitrogen based on the result from their test does a disservice to you and the environment.   Instead, nitrogen needs are expressed in allowed pounds per 1,000 square feet with season-by-season application rates. 

The stated amount of 3.6 pounds/1,000 sq. ft. must be applied throughout the year with approximately .9 pounds/1,000 sq. ft. applied in the spring, in early fall, again in late fall with a final application of .9 pounds/1,000 sq. ft. in early winter (prior to the ground being frozen).