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Use your soil kit id # to view your groSMART prescription.

Your analysis is ready - view your results

This is the page where you view your results after you’ve received your soil kit. If you haven’t ordered a soil kit yet, click here to order your soil kit.

If you’ve received your soil kit and been notified that your results are ready, then your next step is to register your soil kit and view your result.

How to view your results and soil prescription.

Step One:

First we ask you to login, or if this is your first kit click need an account:

Step Two:

Next we’ll ask you to enter your soil kit ID number, so that we can display your results. If you haven’t yet purchased your soil kit, you can purchase them on this page as well.

Why Do We Ask For This Information?

Because all recommendations are based on 1000 sq/ft. and in order to correctly balance your soil with right amount of fertilizer and/or soil amendments we must know the size of the lawn, garden or landscape you, the customer are working with.
In addition, it is critical to know what type of crop you are growing so that the proper products are recommended and when to apply them
We recommend two types of fertilizer, Conventional or synthetic, and organic or carbon based, made from mined rock minerals and natural plant and animal materials.
You the customer can choose which type of product you prefer.

An example of Your Soil Breakdown

Below you will see a sample graph describing the nutrient levels and characteristics of your soil sample. You can see how each level relates to the optimal level for plant and soil health. Our tailored gro-smart soil amendments and application prescription will allow you to specifically target these nutrient levels and to move them closer to the optimal level.

An example of Soil Prescription

Below you will see a sample of a soil prescription. We provide a tailored list of the groSMART nutrients which align with your soil analysis to properly balance your soil without over application or excess nutrient runoff.

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