Why Soil Analysis?

A Guide for Maintaining Your Lawn, Garden and Landscape.
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Let’s Get to the Root of Your Problem.

It’s not a Secret – It’s Your Soil.


Wasting Your Valuable Time!

Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money!

Doing the Same Thing Year-After-Year and Getting the Same Results!

START: Balancing Your Soil for Best Result!

Please Let Us Show You Why Our Customers Say thinkSOIL is Such a Game Changer!

The Benefits & Value of thinkSOIL

  • A soil analysis based 100% on science.

  • Specific recommendations on how to balance your soil and keep it that way.

  • groSMART Annual Soil Prescription – Learn Exactly What, When & How Much to Apply.


We provide a 12-month, season-by-season Nutrient Application Guide removing the guess-work out of how to best maintain your lawn, garden and landscape’s nutrient and amendment needs.

groSMART Annual Soil Prescription …. ALL Backed by Science

Thanks to our powerful soilWizard Algorithm, you will receive a groSMART Annual Soil Prescription Guide detailing which products should be applied, in what amounts and at what time of year to ensure optimal results. Our plan is based entirely on the results of YOUR soil test.

The  groSMART Annual Soil Prescription Guide specifies the nutrients and amendments required to improve plant performance accompanied by a seasonal guide detailing optimal application amounts and best times to apply each product throughout the year.

In so doing, you’ll invest in value and stewardship of the environment with the assurance of applying the correct nutrients to lawn, garden and landscape in the proper amount and at the proper time of year.

Better for the Environment

At thinkSOIL™, we work diligently to help our customers reduce the number of nutrient applications and ensure the smallest amount of product is applied for the desired result. We provide the homeowner a season-by-season schedule detailing the optimal time to apply each amendment and in so doing contribute to stewardship of the environment.

Developed by Expert Agronomists

Recommendations you can trust – backed by science

Complete Instructions

Personalized instructions for lawn, garden and landscape based on the results of your soil analysis.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Or grass.

Stop wasting money!

Only apply the nutrients needed by your lawn, garden or the plants in the beds surrounding your home.  How?  With a thinkSOIL Soil Analysis and Nutrient Application Guide.
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